Yin Yin / Jade Love
Yin Yin / Jade Love
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In Chinese, Yin Yin means your 'father's mother', Jade Love is the English translation of the grandmother's name, Yuk Oy. The title represents the grandmother she knew and the woman that was discovered.

Yin Yin/Jade Love is a documentary about a granddaughter's discovery of her grandmother after she has died. The film simultaneously explores the emotional impact of the filmmaker's last visit with her grandmother, her death, what was subsequently discovered about her extraordinary life, and childhood memories surrounding her and her home. The narration, by the filmmaker, is supported by past (VHS, 8mm, historical stills), present (16mm) and recreated (Super 8) images that are woven together creating a rich densely layered reflective collage. Yin Yin/Jade Love hopes to capture a portrait of the filmmaker's Yin Yin and convey insight into the experience of loss, discovery and regret.

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Yin Yin / Jade Love

Yin Yin / Jade Love

Yin Yin / Jade Love
Toronto, Canada

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